Do you feel like your life has lost direction or you can’t decide how to move forward?

2Thrive Coaching | Expert coaching to empower the leader within

Expert, qualified support

Holistic approach

Personable and approachable

Proactive strategies

Life experience

2Thrive Coaching – become the best version of yourself with personalised assessment and coaching


Do you feel like your life has lost direction or you can’t decide how to move forward?

At 2Thrive Coaching, we believe you don’t have to oversee a team or organisation to be a leader. Everyone has a leader within.


Know you need to make a change but don’t know where to start?

2Thrive Coaching helps you find your inner leader, so you can become the best version of yourself.


Happy with where you’re at but know you could be doing even better?

We empower people to discover their personal leadership style through DISC profiling. Then we’ll support you to achieve your goals for your career, family and personal life – or whatever is important to you.

Ready to become the leader of your own life?

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Discover the leader you were born to be with 2Thrive Coaching

During your free discovery session, we’ll conduct an overview based on the DISC profiling tool. Your journey to achieving a fulfilling and fruitful life starts with self-awareness, and that’s what this session is all about. In your free 30-minute call, we’ll talk through things like your life experience, current situation, and most importantly, your goals. If you decide to go further, we’ll use this information to create a tailored strategy for finding your inner leader and achieving the life you’ve dreamed about. This starts with a full DISC assessment.

Why a DISC Assessment?

The DISC model is built on four points:

D = Dominance (direct, demanding, competitive)
I = Influence (gregarious, outgoing, sociable)
S = Steadiness (persistent, patient, sympathetic)
C = Conscientiousness (practical, procedural, precise)

DISC has been used successfully for more than 40 years by individuals and organisations to enhance self-awareness, build strong teams and improve communication.

DISC provides a framework to help you fine tune your environment and interpersonal relationships to improve productivity, reduce conflict and communicate effectively. A DISC assessment is the ideal start for discovering your leader within.

Ready to start your DISC Assessment?

DISC profiling helps you better understand yourself and how you relate to others.

As the world’s most popular and validated personal assessment tool, a DISC profile identifies tendencies and preferences in various aspects of your personality and how you relate to the world.
It uncovers information about how you influence others, deal with challenges, respond to rules and procedures, and your preferred pace of activity.

Lesa Prendergast - 2 Thrive Coaching - North Avoca - NSW

Engagement and Leadership Program For Women

At 2Thrive Coaching, we also specialise in supporting women in leadership roles using Engage & Grow’s Engagement & Leadership Program for Women.

This 6- or 12-week program uses proven principles and powerful brain science to increase leadership behaviours and build pathways for progression and promotion of talented women.

The program facilitates development of leadership skills such as:

  • building an inclusive and united culture
  • creating role models at all levels
  • improving staff and client engagement
  • enhancing employee retention
  • fast tracking productivity and profitability
  • improving communication
  • aligning staff and management relationships


Our trained and experienced facilitator will manage the process from start to finish and support you each step of the way.

Learn more about our women’s leadership training by getting in contact.

School programs – build a positive, engaged culture with our program for educators and principals

By creating highly engaged principals, teachers, employees and pupils, this program helps you deliver:

  • a powerful and united culture
  • improved pupil engagement
  • lower episodes of bullying
  • happier teachers and pupils
  • dramatically increased productivity and buy-in
  • more time for teachers and managers
  • fewer human errors
  • improved staff and employee retention
  • a fun and re-energised educational environment


Our trained and experienced coach Lesa will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.

2Thrive Coaching’s director Lesa Prendergast is a qualified teacher with more than 20 years’ experience.

She has first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by students, teachers and principals when trying to create a harmonious, positive and safe school culture.

Engage & Grow’s action-based school program uses brain science and proven techniques to transform your school’s culture.

The 12-week Principals, Teachers & Pupils Engagement & Culture Program is designed to take the everyday pressures off teachers and managers, while empowering pupils and staff to take ownership, accountability and responsibility.

Why work with 2Thrive Coaching?

2Thrive Coaching are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to find direction, grow their leadership skills and achieve their life goals.

Expert, qualified support

2Thrive Coaching’s director Lesa Prendergast has tertiary qualifications in education and health, plus extensive coaching training. Her background and skills are ideally suited to coaching leaders, educators, women re-entering the workforce, and anyone who wants to find their inner leadership style.

Holistic approach

At 2Thrive Coaching, we understand people’s lives are rich, complex and multifaceted. We won’t simply look at your goals for your career or relationships. Rather, we’ll look at how these fit within the rich tapestry of what makes you unique.
Our whole-person approach facilitates change from the inside out and ensures the best chance of creating lasting transformation.

Personable and approachable

With many years’ experience working with people, Lesa knows the power of great communication and of building supportive, meaningful relationships. Her approachable, collaborative style allows her to quickly build rapport with her clients and use it for effective coaching.

Proactive strategies

With her health background, Lesa is very aware of the importance of a proactive, preventative approach. 2Thrive Coaching supports you to make proactive life choices, rather than reacting to life situations.

Life experience

Lesa has worked across a broad range of sectors in health and education and with a diverse range of people. She has been through the process of making a career change herself and is passionate about helping people move towards the life they want.
Lesa’s significant life experience helps her bring qualities like empathy, sensitivity and understanding to the table. In 2Thrive Coaching’s sessions, you’ll feel supported and encouraged – never judged or shamed.

Here’s what 2Thrive Coaching’s clients have to say

"I was very fortunate to have Lesa as my coach this year She used her DISC Profiling to help me get super clear on my strengths and weaknesses, me personality traits and most importantly energy type !! This helped me so much with knowing how and where to focus my energy - what supports it and what drains it. I was able to confirm my career choice as a coach through the questionnaire and it gave me a lot of insight with how to build my business Lesa was professional, clear and walked me through it all It was fabulous xx"
Erin Beaman
Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Counsellor
" Although I’d like to be, I’m not one for paving my achievements, setting career goals or noting down life aspirations. I can quite happily convince myself I am content and simply go along as I do. My sessions with Lesa were extremely valuable for my self worth, confidence in the workplace and personal development. Lesa directed me to being more open as to how I could bring about what I wanted to achieve, with a little extra drive and a pinch of confidence. As my coach, she helped me to understand it’s not ideally about changing who I am to gain professional development, but to instead utilise my strengths to open opportunities. I built on this understanding and it’s now leading me in all the right directions. It was such a positive experience as I left each session effectively coached and mentored by a professional. "
E. Robertson
Technical Secretary
"I want to say a huge thanks for your coaching it’s been just what I needed and I’ve had some great breakthroughs personally. Thanks for your energy and insight it has been most helpful. Wishing you all the best in your coaching it definitely is a skill you naturally have."
Lucy Green
Human Resources
I am so pleased that Lesa recommended DISC profiling as a tool to help me gain a greater understanding of myself, my general characteristics and my behaviour styles. Understanding my behaviour and needs under stress gave me many ideas for strategies I can use to best support myself both in the work environment and on the home front. I found our sessions discussing my natural behaviour style and my adapted behaviour style very interesting and helpful in allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. The sessions were very helpful in enabling me to grow and be the best me I can be. Thank so much Lesa.
Mercia Gorza
Nutrition Consultant DNA Practitioner AusRep Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional

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