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What to expect in the 2020 Guide to Leading with Self Awareness

If you’re watching this, then perhaps you’ve heard of the four dimensional tool.

People who want more clarity about their lives and their purposes are loving. The four dimensions were developed and research over many years by Sharon Pearson of the Coaching Institute. 

They form the most solid foundation for all personal transformation available. These four dimensions are the key to unlocking the life we know we are meant to be living and they form the bedrock of truly authentic living. I trust you will enjoy learning about this framework work with me.

It’s said that for change to last it must be congruent with who we are and who we believe we’re becoming. The meta dynamics critical alignment model is a four-dimensional methodology that allows the individual to discover, connect with, and embrace their true selves.

It’s opening the door on authentic living. Its closing the door on the superficial sound bites of success we are surrounded by every single moment of every single day. The four dimensions form the foundation for the discovery journey I take with my clients. 

  • Dimension One is the “Visionary”. 
  • Dimension Two is the “Architect.” 
  • Dimension Three is the “Dynamo” and; 
  • Dimension Four is the “Collaborator.”


Now I go on further with this when we have a coaching session. Each dimension has hidden within it who we are at our core. Every dimension has 10 attributes we unpack together. Everything from your life purpose through to how you relate to your self in your darkest moments.

The model is a delightful way to reconnect with your true self.  It allows us to discover the hidden roadblocks to our success, reconnect with ourselves and what gives us joy, understand the psychology of success and it’s passenger “fear.”

Embrace aspects of ourselves and that we have neglected at our cost. Be the most congruent authentic and grounded version of ourselves we could ever dream to be. The exploration of this journey is filled with uncovering hidden blocks to your success as well as embracing aspects of you that are simply delightful that have been neglected for way too long.

Once you have unpack this four dimensions, you can also dive deeper into your core needs.

There is a link here to a free mini profile for you to have a try and a bit of a taste of the Meta Dynamics Tool. It’s your time, it’s your turn. I hope to talk to you soon. Bye.

Download the FREE Profiling Tool